Rock climbing in Corsica : Anecdotes and portraits

This page is a mish-mash of historical anecdotes, portraits and other notes. All on a common theme: climbing in Corsica


A brief glimpse into corsican climbing history

The “Short history of climbing in Corsica” that featured in the 2021 edition of our Grandes voies de Corse guidebook.

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Behind each route, there is a passionate climber, a craftsman of our pleasure. In getting to know them, we give the routes we climb their own soul.

These portraits are taken from the Grandes voies de Corse and Bavella – Corsica. Escalades choisies guidebooks.

Pierre Pietri

Pierre Pietri, a.k.a. Double Stone, lived at the forefront of climbing on Corsica for nearly 50 years. An active climber at a high level on both trad routes and sports crags, he left a mark like no-one before him. Pierre passed away in September 2020.

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Jean-Louis Fenouil

What sort of a climber from the south of France has never climbed a Fenouil route? Above all in the Calanques, but also at Cap Canaille and then at Bavella. Not just an oxidation-proof bolter, he is also a prolific author of guidebooks.

Here, he tells us about his 45-year love story with the Bavella massif.

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